Head of the ECTIS : Pr. Gilles BLANCHO

Professor in Immunology. Nephrologist. Nantes University Hospital

Director of the Institute of Transplantation (ITUN) of Nantes University Hospital


Director of Research : Dr. Ignacio ANEGON

Director of the Center of Research in Transplantation & Immunology, Inserm UMR1064


Director of Clinical Research : Pr. Magali GIRAL

Professor in Nephology, Nantes University Hospital


Director of Teaching : Pr. Brigitte DRENO

Head of the department of Dermatology and skin Cancer in the Nantes University Hospital.

Head of the GMP Center of Gene and Cell Therapy (UTCG)


Director of Translational Research : Dr. Philippe MOULLIER

Director of the Inserm UMR 1089 ‘Translational gene therapy of neuromuscular diseases and the retina”.

Scientific Director of the “Atlantic Gene Therapies”


Director of Valorisation and Development : M. Jean-François BALDUCCHI

Managing Director of Atlanpole, Technopole, BIC and academic incubator of the Nantes Atlantic Region