Nantes project of European Center of Transplantation and Immunotherapy Sciences (CESTI) focuses on the treatment of serious diseases by transplantation of organs, cells and genes, opening new frontiers in regenerative medicine with a major unifying interface : Immunology.

The field of transplantation has considerably evolved over the past decade. Not only have the results of transplantation dramatically progressed, but also indications of transplantation have been enlarged to several diseases and to older recipients.

Beside organ transplantation, gene and cell therapy are innovative and new replacement strategies successfully translated to the clinic. Soon this may apply to pluripotent cells.

Transplantation Sciences cover gene, cell and organ transplantation. All of which face the barrier created by the host immune system. In this respect, our project crosses the boundaries of transplantation sciences and regenerative medecine. with the goal to help to their success.


The ECTIS is coordinated by Pr. Gilles Blancho.