Nantes project of ECTIS focuses on the treatment of serious diseases by transplantation of organs, cells and genes, opening new frontiers in regenerative medicine.

  • Nantes

    As the 6th largest French Metropolis, Nantes is the main western French city, and is among the most fast-growing cities in France. Nantes is western France’s leading research and teaching campus.





CESTI in few words

Hopital Jean Monnet

With the advent of transplantation, fiction has become fact as viable organs can be removed from the deceased to replace those that have failed in the living. Probably more than a milllion condemned patients have been given a new lease of live thanks to a vascularized organ or a bone marrow transplant. Tomorrow, cell and gene transplantation will open a new chapter in medecine, widening the field of transplantation to include millions of patients with end-stage diseases of vital organs.

CESTI in few numbers

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